Neighborhood Co-op Grocery specializes in organic, local, all natural and fairly traded products. Our store features an extensive gluten-free section, as well as a large wellness department, full deli and in-house bakery and a meat department that sources as much as possible from local farms and ranches. Our buyers adhere to strict standards, avoiding undesirable processes and ingredients, making sure that the items you purchase from our store have integrity.

What we're about To put it simply, our mission, our purpose for being, is to cultivate community and provide meaningful goods and services to our community. We accomplish this in a whole host of ways, but always through the support of our owners and patrons, because we are owned by people like YOU! Co-ops are unique that way, we are owned by thousands of friends and neighbors across the region.

We're not alone, but we are independent There are hundreds of grocery co-ops across the country like us, who are members of the National Cooperative Grocers Association. Some say we are a chain, but that isn't true. We are founded under the same guiding principles, we are all owned by our community, we offer the same sales, sometimes, too and we overall we sell mostly the same stuff, but each store is independent and has it's own... well, flavor. 

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