October, November, December 2013

  • Bringing it to the Table: Mulkeytown Farm Fresh Eggs & Frontwards Farm

  • Go to Holiday Cookbooks with Recipes

  • How Fair Trade is Changing

  • National Co-op Month

  • Faves & Raves

  • Grilled Turkey recipe

April, May, June 2013

  • The Co-op's new logo and what changes are coming to the Co-op in the near future
  • Dressing Unusual Salads made from kale, chard and mustard greens
  • Exploring Wild Edibles
  • The Value of Local Food: an economist's perspective
  • Organic Trade Association boycots
  • Plus, Bringing It to the Table featuring Roundabout Farm and Wild Alaskan Salmon & Seafood Company

See the local impact co-ops have compared to conventional grocers on things like working with local growers, sourcing local goods, charitable giving, employee relations, revenue kept in the region and environmental impact. 

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