Injera Bread, the Edible Tablecloth!

Some people call injera bread the edible tablecloth due to its large size and how it is eaten. This spongy, slightly sour bread is eaten in Ethiopia and Eritrea where it is used as a utensil, as well as a part of the meal. It can be used in the hand to scoop up food in place of a fork or spoon or used to line the tray on which the stews are served, soaking up their juices. Sometimes called the edible tablecloth, when the injera is consumed the meal is considered officially over. 

The injera sold at the Co-op is made with a mix of teff and wheat flour. Teff is very nutritious and contains almost no gluten. A short period of fermentation gives the bread an airy, bubbly texture, and also a slightly sour taste.

Best when very fresh, Injera bread arrives weekly at the Co-op from Shega Foods, a deli in Minneapolis, typically on Thursdays or Fridays. Serve it with hearty soups, stews or salads with an African flare.  

For recipes try EthiopianFood.com
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