For any purchase requiring a bag, when you bring your own reusable bag, you will receive a wooden nickel per transaction to donate to one of two national/regional charities that change each quarter. You decide which organization to donate to. (Wooden Nickel donations are capped at $250 per organization. However, all cash donations will be given to the organization in addition to the Wooden Nickel contribution.)

Current Recipients

This Able Veteran

This Able Veteran provides service dogs for  veterans suffering from psychological and phsycal wounds as a result of their military service. We provide trained service dogs for our wounded veterans along with a three-week trauma resiliency program all done at no cost to the veteran. We pioneered nightmare interruption adn anxiety alerts by PTSD service dogs and conduct a PTSD Service Dog Academy to train professional dog trainers in our methods. For more information visit


The Friends of the Shaween National Forest

The Friends of the Shawnee National Forest is a not-for-profit organization that connects people to the Shawnee Nation Forest through land stewardship, responsible recreation, and environmental education. We encourage exploration of the Shawnee National Forest through events like guided hikes. We promote stewardship of the land through programs such as Trash Blasts. We also offer environmental education programs to people of all ages. For more infromation visit