How it Works

Water Club refills are 30¢ per gallon - half off the regular price! 

There are a number of sizes to choose from or you can buy the sticker itself to put on a container you already have. It’s that easy. Anybody who owns a bottle with the Water Club emblem on it is a member. All members get half-off on water by the gallon when using Co-op Water Club containers. Travel size bottles are filled for free!

One Bottle at a Time

Just about everybody does it at some time. You’re standing there pumping gas, looking at all the junk stuffed under your seats. You think to yourself how nice it would be to do all your running around and people carting in a clean car. So you surreptitiously take all those water bottles you’ve been saving for the recycling bin at home and slip them in the trash.

Recycling is great at home. It’s easy. But on the go you want cleaner, simpler solutions. We say get rid of the plastic bottles all together. Opt for one of our BPA-free reusable containers. Then all you have to do is stop by and fill’r up at our reverse osmosis water machine – the cleanest kind of water money can buy! You’ll be drinking clean, pure, refreshing water all day long without a worry in the world about nasty stuff leaching into it. Plus, you are saving one bottle at a time from going to the landfill or having to be recycled. What a deal!