Take It To-Go... for cheap!

Coffee Club Refills 50¢ per cup*
(Coffee Club mug prices vary. *To receive the discounted price on refills, a Co-op coffee club mug must be used.)
Did you know, in America we consume coffee in paper cups
to the tune of billions per year? 

Recycle them you say. Sure, except that in most parts of the country they are not recyclable. This is because to hold liquid paper cups have to be coated with wax or a chemical coating, which makes them a lot of trouble for recyclers and expensive for them to process, too, so very few recycling centers take them.

The answer, get a reusable, BPA-free coffee mugAt the Co-op we make it easy and cheap, too. All of our coffee club mugs are sold at cost to make using a usable cup an affordable solution. And, to make it even more of a bargain, we give you a huge discount on subsequent cups of coffee whenever you use your Coffee Club mug! We make it so stinking convenient to be green - we even give you a sink conveniently located in the community room, so you can wash your mug, if you forgot to do it at home.