Good Health & Good Living Start Here

We think you should nourish more than your body. So we apply our same high standards for quality and integrity to the health, body care and lifestyle products we carry too. From BPA-free water bottles and baby items to paraben free body care products, if we wouldn’t put it on our skin or use it to nourish our bodies, we aren’t selling it to our customers. Period.

Goodness starts at home! 

When evaluating products to carry in the store we look for locally made items first, organic second, Fair Trade, all natural, and then, if nothing else is available, we will carry conventionally grown/made products, that adhere to our quality standards, of course!


Our supplements and remedies are different than other stores'. They are always made of real, wholesome ingredients using approved manufacturing processes. Many of our the brands we carry do their own quality and efficacy testing, so we can rely on the fact that our customers are getting what they paid for. Plus, many of our wellness products are made using organic ingredients,too, with none of them derived synthetically.

General Merchandise 

Our general merchandise buyer applies this same discerning eye when we she sources gift and household items for the store. Our items are BPA-free as much as possible and are as earth-friendly as we can find.