What’ll You Find at the Co-op?

You never know what you will find at the Co-op! From new products, sampling, to live music, events and cooking classes, there’s always something going on. We like it that way. After all, we’re not your average grocery store. We’re a Co-op! Being a Co-op means we are owned by friends and neighbors, which makes us especially sensitive to their needs. Our owners, over 3,000 people, are a fun-loving bunch. So we try to keep things jumping in the store!

We specialize in local, organic, fairly traded and all-natural goods. That means no junk in your food. To see all the processes and ingredients we stay away from check out our Product Standards.

Besides groceries for the every day and gourmet, we also have a huge selection of gluten-free foods that are clearly labeled on the shelves. But we don’t stop there; we have foods for vegetarians and vegans, and even some kosher and halal selections. We offer only the best and if you don’t find it in our store, we can usually find it and place a special order to get it for you.