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Why Your Vote Matters!

What makes co-ops different than other businesses is that we are here solely to serve the needs of our owners. One of the most important things we ask of our owners is that they participate in the well being of the store. This includes voting in the election for the board of directors. 

Our Board is charged with representing the ownership. It is their duty to create and review broad goals and then provide direction to the general manager who is then responsible for identifying the steps necessary to achieve those goals. In other words, our board sets the course and our general manager plots the way. This is why it is so important for owners to vote for board members who best represent their values and perspective. 
Also, a big thank you to our candidates for offering their time, effort and expertise for the betterment of the Co-op! You're awesome!

Who Is Eligible to Vote?

All active owners who are current on their owner share payments and became an owner by Monday, February 17, 2016 are eligible and should have received an election notice in the mail. If you have not received an election notice/annual report, please see a cashier to confirm we have the correct contact information on file.

Get Your Tickets to OwnerFest!

Saturday, March 19th
The Warehouse at 17th Street (214 North 17th Street, Murphysboro)
5:00 pm - Be Happy Social Hour
6:00 pm - Meeting (Last call for voting. Ballots close at 6:15 pm)
7:00 pm - Catered Dinner* (read on for menu options)

The last day for voting is on our biggest owner social event of the year, OwnerFest! OwnerFest is a celebration of our accomplishments and serves as our annual owners meeting. It will be held on March 19 at The Warehouse at 17th Street in Murphysboro. All owners are invited to attend the Be Happy Social Hour starting at 5 pm with the meeting to follow. At 7 pm there will be a catered dinner.

Tickets are necessary to attend the dinner. Due to increasing event costs tickets will be sold this year for $5 each to help offset the cost of the meal. Pre-event registration participation will be used to calculate the quantity of food needed. Owners are asked to pre-register whenever possible. However, tickets will be sold at the door ($10 each) for those owners who want to come, but are unsure of their schedules.

Food & Entertainment at OwnerFest

Cristaudos will be offering chicken and chorizo (pork) paella with a salad, paella with veggies and tempeh, or you can choose the pulled pork plate with baked beans and slaw from 17th Street BBQ. The Co-op will offer non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea, as well as a limited amount of wine or beer. 17th Street will also offer a cash bar. Owners are asked to bring finger foods or wine for the Be Happy Hour or a dessert for after the dinner. Live music will be played. TBA

*Tickets are required for this portion of the evening. Pre-reservation is requested.